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I'm trying to decide just how much money I should spend on supplies. I have birthday money, and some graduation money. Of course, though, that's not nearly enough to get everything I'd like. There's no way I can afford everything right now. (For one thing, there's money I still need to pay back.) But Ring Lord gives good bulk discounts... So I'm in a quandary.

I keep promising myself I'm going to take some good pictures of my jewelry. I really realized the value of high quality pictures when I posted an item to etsy that had really good ones. Within about 4 minutes I had 16 views! (Which is actually more than I've gotten on some items several days old...) So it definitely is true what the experts say - good photos matter. But you know how it is, every day there's an excuse. Well, if the lighting is good outside, tomorrow for real.

I started a nice Halloween themed necklace yesterday. The question is if I have enough black and orange rings left to finish it. If I do, then I'll probably finish it tonight and post pictures. Is it too early to put Halloween things up for sale? If so, I have another recently finished necklace I quite like...



Angie said...

All the craft stores have Halloween stuff out, so go ahead.

dahlia42 said...

Jen! Your stuff is so awesome...I love it. We've been wondering what kind of wonderful young woman you've been growing into. Now we know--a super-cool, super beautiful chain-mail making woman. Yeah! - Dahlia, Kathleen, Itai & Ayla