Oh no! This is why you should test your pieces before selling!

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Earlier today I made a pair of new anklets. They were dripping with bells. I designed them with dancing in mind, and I'm keeping this set for myself. I contra dance on Thursday nights, and I thought the bells would be fun. They were... until the tiny silver rings connecting the clasp broke! Luckily I didn't lose the clasp. Even more luckily, I have not sold anyone a piece using the same crappy rings!

I'll have to fix everything I made using them. An anklet that falls apart after one wear? That would be an awful reflection on my little baby business. I will never use those rings again! If I need tiny rings, from now on it's steel. One or two steel rings won't affect color rub-off or weight, and I know (from the bracelet and choker I wear 24/7 as advertisement) they hold up. Anyway, I'm so glad I caught this before putting substandard jewelry out there. And I hope those of you in the blogosphere won't hold it against me. I swear I would have refunded money or fixed the item (free shipping back and forth) if somebody had already received it!

Can you tell this bothers me? XD