Knots... I'm gonna try not to make puns

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I let my mom take me to the bookstore, which I really shouldn't do again. Too much temptation, I can't afford a book spree right now. Anyway, one of the books I allowed myself to get is called Decorative Knot Craft. It's Korean knotting. Some of the knots are so gorgeous! I had been looking for some sort of macrame book, as a fidgety alternative to chainmaille. (At least until I get my maille rings. I'm going to try and order today. I need to figure something out first.) And if I can master some of the knots, I can combine it with chainmaille. Anything that'll set you apart from other artisans helps sales. I have some great visions in my head... Now we'll just see if I continue being interested in it. I've tried a few, they're fun!