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One of my favorite things to do with chainmaille is coming up with creative new patterns for Japanese 2 in 12. The weave is already quite versatile, since it's double-sided. I just love things that you can wear multiple ways!

Because of the hexagonal layout of this weave, you can make just about any shape. One day I decided to do some nice flowers. I could sort of have two colors, because of the reversibility, but the metal rings have to go with both sides. I decided on red and blue for the rubber, having purple as a compromise for the metal.

I also decided to add yellow and silver centers, and green connectors, like stems. I'm very happy with the way this bracelet turned out, I think it's adorable!

You can find the bracelet on etsy here. Apologies for the not-so-excellent photos, they were taken pre-light box.