Macaw - Persian Dragonscale - Turquoise and Gold

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For my first blog post, I've decided to write about this bracelet I made.

This chainmaille weave's called Persian Dragonscale. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and I loved it more when I tried making it! It's hard to explain why you like using a certain weave. In this case, I think I know. This weave is a combo of European 4-1 and Half Persian, which are both very simple weaves. But when they come together... I just think it's beautiful!

This bracelet didn't come out at all like I hoped. When I was planning the design, I thought it would look nice in stripes, which would be opposite colors on either side. One side would be gold, turquoise, gold, turquoise, gold, and vice versa. As it turned out, the only clear stripes are the border. (Which are opposite colors on opposite sides.) Anyway, I think it came out well, if not how I intended it.

The day I titled this piece I had just come back from the zoo. Some of the macaws we saw were gorgeous, with almost exactly these colors.

You can find this bracelet here on etsy:

Hope I didn't babble too much! I do that a lot about things I like.