Cut-Offs - Bad quality can equal good style!

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This cute little thing is made from a weave called Half Persian. I can whip one of these out in about ten minutes. Made with rubber rings, it's a perfectly simple bracelet that can be dressed up or down.

What makes this bracelet different from others made of this weave is the supplies. And the explanation begins with one of my personal policies.

Sometimes rings are bad quality. It happens. The particular batch of turquoise 16g 1/4 rings I got last was full of sub-standard rings. As you can see, the coloring isn't consistent. It's blotchy, and lighter or darker on some rings.

I make a point of not using rings like these in my pieces. I also don't use rings that get scratched up by my pliers, because that happens too.

Of course, due to the bad batch, I collected quite a few "unusable" turquoise rings. It seemed a shame to let them all go to waste. So here they are! I think it adds a touch of something different to the bracelet.

You can find more pictures on the etsy listing. And no, that is not a real egg, it's some kind of frosted glass.