Sneak Preview! - Dragonscale - Pink and Turquoise

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Here's a preview of things to come in my etsy store.

This weave is called Dragonscale. I both love and hate this weave. I love love love the look of it - the one color almost hidden, but visible at some angles, behind the other color. I like putting bright colors (like the pink shown here, which is more of a hot pink than you see here - I know, my photos need work, but I wanted to share this piece) as the small, hidden rings. It really makes the bracelet pop.

And the hate? Well, this weave is SUCH a pain in the neck! This is one I really have to wrestle to get done. Once it's finished, if you wiggle it about it loosens up, but when I'm making it, it is so stiff! Because of this, this weave has the highest rate of scratched rings. (When you scrape anodized aluminum with pliers, the color is scratched off. This doesn't happen with regular wear, and of course I remove all scratched rings from my pieces before finishing them!) This weave is lucky I like the way it looks, or I would never make it.

I also love this color combo - so bright!

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thank you so much : )