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Today I'm going to talk about the weave I invented - that's right, I came up with this beauty on my own! Someone else may have done something similar, but I didn't follow any pattern.

As you can see from the title, I call this weave Diamondweave. It looks like jewels to me.

It started out as me experimenting. I was making some orbitals, using rubber rings. It looked a bit boring to me, not to mention the rings kept wiggling out of place. I hate unstable weaves. So I added the rings that are gold in this bracelet. It was still a bit unstable, so I added the orange rings.

It was a lot easier to come up with a weave than I thought it would be. I imagine the principal applies to most craft mediums - just experiment! Start with something simple, and just add to it. I'm very happy with the way the weave came out. And I love this picture - I have a thing for roses.

In bloggier news, I'll be cutting down a bit. New posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.



Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I'm not a crafty person so when seeing this, I'm in total awe that you can and DO make it look easy & beautiful all at the same time!

Thanks for stopping by my blog..just added you to the roll and will be back!

Anonymous said...

That's incredible...I do chainmailled but I have to follow a pattern; I envy you gals who come up with your own.

cabin + cub said...

Wow.. very intricate and lovely! ;)