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First, apologies for the lack of post on Friday. My first day with my driver's license was... eventful. It left me just exhausted.

This week I was interviewed by the delightful and talented moonangelnay. Read it here!

And, if any of you happen to be in the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts, my mom and I have a booth at Billerica's Yankee Doodle Homecoming Weekend. It's this weekend, the 12th and 13th, in Billerica center. We'll be near the Town Hall, right in the middle of everything. It's a very fun event, with craft booths (of course), a parade, historical re-enactments (I've gotten to see a friend tarred and feathered!), and more. I'm very excited. It'll the third event I've tried to sell chainmaille at, and hopefully I'll do at least as well as I did at Anime Boston. If I make a lot of money, I've got my eye on a certain supply organizer. I really need one.

Hm, guess I went a bit link-crazy in this post.