Crazy weekend

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Sorry about missing a post again! I was at a duck party (like a regular party, but with ducks), then a friend unexpectedly crashed at my house, and that combined with preparations for Yankee Doodle Weekend to push things like blogs right out of my head.

So here's what happened at the first craft fair my mother and I sold at. (I have sold at cons, but no fairs.) Sunday we wake up... and it is raining. Yankee Doodle is outdoors. We load the cars, drive stuff over, and decide to buy a canopy at the hardware store. (We had previously considered getting one, but decided to wait.) But by the time we got it and set it up, we were very wet. The wind and rain quickly dampened our crafts, too. Luckily it was nothing that's harmed by a little water. We stayed for several hours anyway, and I was actually surprised at the moderate amount of people who showed up. No sales that day. After several hours, I was constantly shivering, and decided to go home to get warm and dry.

Saturday, though, was quite beautiful. There were even more people, and they all seemed to be in better moods. We covered expenses for the fair, and even made some more. I made $13 after expenses, and my mom made more. I think the reason I didn't sell much was because my target audience is most likely teenagers and young adults. Most of the people who attended were either older adults or small children. But you know, it was a learning experience, and we got a list of other local fairs from the sellers next to us. True, I'll be off to camp on the 19th (more about that later), and while I'm gone my mother will be going to Israel to visit my sister, so we won't be together again for three weeks to a month. But still.